New Charcoal Grey Door Stop Range

New Charcoal Grey range launches to meet increase in demand Creative experiments with new designs and materials mean a product range to satisfy customer requests and raw material supply issues. Handmade to order by British craftsmen. These factors include: Fresh [...]

How to keep open French Doors

How do you keep your French doors open and let in that fresh air during Covid lockdowns? A tall and strong rope door stop is a stylish way to keep your french doors open. Which door stop should you [...]

How to keep bifold doors open

This is a good question. Which door stop from our range should you chose to keep your bifold doors open? Keeping bifold doors open – considerations: The Rope Tower The NEW Rope Tower [...]

Seaside Feel in Every Room

Our Ropeman has just finished a new order. Someone's house will be smartened up in Lockdown with this order of 6 x Small Turks Head Rope Knots that will bring the 'seaside feel' to every room.

Decorative Ropework for Nautical Living

Why choose decorative ropework? People have lived by the sea since the dawn of man, so it’s no surprise that we have such a strong connection with the crashing waves and sandy beaches that make up our coastlines. And it’s [...]

It’s Christmas Prize Draw Time!

Win these cute mini red lighthouse rope decorations We are giving away this unique set of 3 mini red Lighthouse rope decorations to one lucky winner this Christmas! A miniature version of our tall Lighthouse door stop, these mini red [...]

Nautical Themed Interior Design

Over the past few years, people have become much more confident in expressing their likes and interests in their choice of interior design, selecting bold themes and styles. Nautical themes in particular have grown in popularity in many areas, even [...]

Nautical Housewarming Gift Ideas

When people move home they are usually welcomed into their new abode by well-meaning friends, family and neighbours sending the typical gifts of cards, flowers, chocolates and bottles of wine. Without wanting to seem ungrateful, the new homeowners can quickly [...]

FREE rope keyfob with every order

While stocks last, we are including a handmade nautical rope keyfob with every order. FREE nautical rope keyfob This traditionally made rope keyfob is made using tarred marline which smells lovely and is a durable, strong material. The keyfob is [...]

Finding the Perfect Feature Door Stop

Door stops are a necessity in any home. Whether you are looking to prop external doors open to create a relaxing through breeze, or to stop a child trapping their fingers with an internal door stop, the door stop will [...]

Nautical Garden Accessories

Gardens are one of life’s simple pleasures that provide you with both beauty and fulfilment. From getting your hands dirty creating something with nature to relaxing out by your flowers and plants, gardens can bring you joy and help make [...]

Unique Outdoor Door Stops

Outdoor Door Stops As the weather starts to improve, we naturally think about venturing outside and making use of our gardens again. To make the most of our outdoor spaces we have to furnish them appropriately and an outdoor door [...]


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