Christmas is fast approaching and you may be wondering what gift to buy for that special someone who lives by the sea. After all, living a life where you can choose to feel the sand beneath your feet whenever you want or watch the boats come in every morning is a little different to an urban life of cars and tarmac. Thankfully, help is at hand and we’re going to inspire you with 5 Christmas gift ideas for someone who lives by the sea.

1. Nautical Artwork
It’s likely that your friend by the sea already has a fantastic view out of their window, but if they really want to immerse themselves in the coastal world then a piece of nautical art is perfect. For a very special gift, you could commission an artist to create a work of art that captures their unique coastal location. However, this may prove out of reach of your budget, so a fantastic alternative is a framed art print of an existing coastal landscape.

2. Rope Door Stop
Crafted using 100% rope, a rope door stop looks perfect in a home by the sea. Capable of being displayed throughout the year – use inside in the winter or on a patio during the summer, a rope door stop is an eye-catching ornament. Plus the beauty of each one is that they’re made using historic sailors knots so become a talking point as well as a gift that captures the magic of the sea.

3. Ship in a Bottle
A classic when it comes to nautical themed gifts, a ship in a bottle is an ideal gift packed full of engaging charm. The beauty of a ship in a bottle is not just the superb amount of detail that can be packed into such a small model, but there’s also the wonder of how somebody managed to get a ship into the bottle in the first place. Available in a wide range of sizes, a ship in a bottle can easily fill a small space on a bookshelf or even become the main centrepiece of any mantelpiece.

4. Nautical Jewellery
What better way to underline your love of the sea by sporting some nautical themed jewellery? Thanks to the infinite variety of the sea, it’s possible to purchase nautical jewellery on almost any theme you can think of. Be it a turtle based pendant, starfish earrings or an anchor based necklace, you can rest assured that there’s something available that will seriously impress the person you’re buying for.

5. Ship Themed Bookends
Gazing out at the sea as you read a good book is one of life’s little pleasures, but it’s possible to keep the nautical flavour going with a pair of ship themed bookends. Usually consisting of a ship split into two halves, ship themed bookends are available in a vast array of models including schooners, yachts or even fishing boats. Perfect for keeping books in place, a ship themed bookend is wonderful for highlighting the owner’s love of the sea.

Choosing the right one
As you can see, there are plenty of gift ideas for someone who lives by the sea. Choosing the right one is a matter of taste, however, so gauge your friend’s likes and dislikes to get the best gift. And, don’t forget, there is something out there to suit everyone’s taste, so don’t feel restricted to what’s available in the shops.