About the Rope Tower

Watch this short video explaining the new Rope Tower - our latest, biggest and heavest door stop designed for patios [...]

Making Our Rope Door Stops

Watch this short video showing The Ropeman making one of his door stops. This video demonstrates the quality craftsmanship required [...]

Nautical Things With Names

Discover the meaning of these wonderful ancient nautical terms such as Thole, Wimble and Hag Stones. Within this short video [...]

Ashley Book of Knots

Watch this short video of the Ropeman explaining how he gets his inspiration from The Ashley Book of Knots. [...]

A Riggers Bench

What this short video explaining a Rigger's Bench and some historic tools a rigger would have used on ships in [...]

The Ropeman – How it started

Watch this short video to discover what inspired the Ropeman to begin his business making and selling beautiful rope decor. [...]


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