Handmade using traditional knot tying skills

Every item we sell is handmade by a highly skilled craftsman.

Rope decor handmade to the highest of standards

Known to us as The Ropeman, his designs date back to Nelson’s time. His intricate creations use the same incredibly complicated nautical rope knots that were taught to sailors in Britain’s historic Navy. The Ropeman is a specialist knot tyer and member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers.

The Ropeman has been practicing his trade for 20 years in a chaotic man shed. Under old Cornish fishing nets, driftwood and other beach combed items are beautifully handmade high quality home nautical rope accessories made using rope.

The Ropeman creates these beautiful nautical rope accessories to the highest of standards. This ensures each piece is only the best quality. Natural rope products are made from either recycled materials or materials from a renewable source in Manila that supports their local economy. Quality is guaranteed. Refunds or exchanges are accepted without question.

Our rope accessories are popular with interior designers who have clients with properties by the coast. Our products are also bought by those looking for a high quality alternative to the cheaper rope door stops you may find on the high street. Plus, our customers tell us that our products make great bi-fold door stops, patio door stops or door stops for any interior or external door – particularly those by a windy coast. They add a touch of rustic charm to homes in the country or a nautical vibe to homes by the sea. What’s more, our products make perfect housewarming gifts.

We guarantee satisfaction by offering a refund or exchange without question. Browse rope door stops including our most popular Lighthouse Tall Door Stop and rope accessories for the home or your business by the sea.

Quality guaranteed. Refund or exchange without question.

Delivery to UK only. We’d like to deliver overseas but freight charges are prohibitive.

The Ropemans Tools and Apron