The Rope Tower


Suitable for up to 38cm drop between base of door and patio surface.


The NEW Rope Tower is an extra heavy door stop. It’s our biggest and heaviest door stop that we handmake. It has been designed for customers with a step down to their patio or decking and need a big, extra heavy doorstop.  It will protect your expensive bi-folds or patio doors with one step or even two shallow steps.

This higher doorstop is soft and wont damage the your door. The Rope Tower will not only work well but look unique outdoors, and indoors over winter.

Bring the outside in. Keep bifolds safe and open with the NEW Rope Tower.

Suitable for up to 38cm drop between base of door and patio surface.

Designed by a British craftsman called The Ropeman. The Ropeman’s designs use traditional nautical knot tying from times gone by. The same ropework skills were taught to sailors in Britain’s historic Navy.

For more information, watch a short video of The Rope Tower explained.

Further details

Materials: This product is made from rope. There may be slight colour and size variations in each handmade door stop.

Dimensions: 38cms tall, and 20cm wide. Weight 7kg.

Delivery: via Royal Mail £17.16. Delivery to UK only. We’d like to deliver overseas but freight charges are prohibitive.

Usage: In windy conditions tie a cord from the doorstop loop to the door handle. The weight will drag the door to prevent slamming. Doors are most sensibly kept closed in strong winds. Made with long lasting durable rope but to last longer and maintain its natural colour we suggest you bring indoors over winter and in wet weather.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 38 cm

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