We offer a range of stylish and functional internal door stops made using intricate rope knots handcrafted by a UK craftsman.

internal door stop

Each internal door stop has been designed using historic nautical knots – the same knot tying skills used by sailors on Nelson’s ships in times gone by.

Find the right internal door stop

Browse our handy internal door stop comparison table to find the right door stop for you:

Product Weight Width Height Link
Small Turks Head £34 0.5kg 15cm 20cm Small Turks Head Door Stop
Small Buoy Door Stop £52 1.5kg 18cm 30cm Small Buoy Door Stop
Large Turks Head £46 1.6kg 20cm 30cm Large Turks Head Rope Knot
Indoor Heavy Buoy £49 2kg 15cm 25cm Indoor Heavy Buoy Door Stop

Why customers buy internal door stops from us

  1. Unique – you won’t find our internal door stops on the high street or with other online retailers. Our designs are unique, handcrafted and high quality.
  2. A conversation piece – our internal rope door doorstops use the same intricate knot tying skills used by sailors during Nelson’s time. We have customers that are history buffs and who appreciate this traditional skill. Click here to learn more about our beautiful rope knots.
  3. Quality workmanship – Many hours go into making our door stops. They are high quality and not like the cheaper alternatives you’ll find on the high street. Click here to view a video showing how our internal door stops are made.
  4. Nautical Theme – products made from rope provide a nautical nod to any room. Click here for more advice on decorating your home with nautical accessories.
  5. Outstanding customer service. We guarantee satisfaction by offering a refund or exchange without question. Have a question? Just email us at hello@beautifulropedecor.co.uk and we’ll respond quickly and efficiently.