We want to say a very special thank you to all our customers this month. Your purchases during lockdown have seen our sales for the first half of 2020 exceed the last 4 years combined – a major milestone.

We are essentially a cottage industry competing with major online retailers. All our products are designed and handmade by a UK craftsman who has been practicing his trade for 20 years in a chaotic man shed. Under old Cornish fishing nets, driftwood and other beach combed items are beautifully handmade high quality home nautical rope accessories made solely using rope.

Without a doubt, we’ve seen a massive growth in sales as people stayed at home during the spring and summer months,

says Mike Howarth, owner, designer and craftsman at Beautiful Rope Decor.

Our rope door stops are ideal for holding open patio, bi-fold and balcony doors. During the warm weather, patio doors stayed open even in breezy conditions. Bringing the outside in. Providing fresh healthy air. We assume that’s why our sales of door stops increased.

Our sales figures in line with the Office of National Statistics

The significant increase in sales is in line with two key factors that have happened during the Pandemic. First, a massive consumer shift to online shopping. Second, a sharp increase in home improvement activity. Both factors are reflected in our turnover figures for January to August 2020 and are backed up by the Office of National Statistics:

According to the ONS:

  • Spending for home improvements continued to rise in August as sales volumes within household goods stores increased by 9.9% when compared with February.
  • Online retail sales were 46.8% higher than February’s pre-pandemic levels.

Source: Office of National Statistics

Launch of new rope door stops, pairs and sets

Our sales milestone has been aided by the launch of new products that can’t be found elsewhere.

Unique handmade nautical gifts for Christmas

Our products are not intended just for patio use, they are also purchased by those who want unique stylish and functional interior home decor,

explains Mike Howarth.

Our customers tell us that our products are home decor conversation pieces, items of beauty. A clean style, a Neptune feel, memorable.

Mike continues

During Autumn, sales are expected to remain buoyant as people prolong the trend to remain at home. Also in the run up to Christmas as gift purchasers look for unique handmade items.

Why do people choose our rope door stops:

  1. Our designs are unique, handcrafted and high quality.
  2. A conversation piece – our rope door doorstops use the same complicated knot tying skills used by sailors during Nelson’s time. We have customers that are history buffs and who appreciate this traditional skill. Click here to learn more about our beautiful rope knots.
  3. Quality workmanship – Many hours go into making our door stops. Click here to view a video showing how our door stops are made.
  4. Nautical Theme – products made from rope provide a nautical nod to any room. Click here for more advice on decorating your home with nautical accessories.
  5. Outstanding customer service. We guarantee satisfaction by offering a refund or exchange without question. Have a question? Just email us at hello@beautifulropedecor.co.uk and we’ll respond quickly and efficiently.

View our range of rope doorstops and accessories by visiting our online shop.