Why choose decorative ropework? People have lived by the sea since the dawn of man, so it’s no surprise that we have such a strong connection with the crashing waves and sandy beaches that make up our coastlines. And it’s down to these strong bonds with the coast that nautical themes have proved highly popular when it comes to interior design. Accessories, of course, are paramount in complementing the coastal tones and colours of carpets and paintwork, but which ones do you go for to underline the nautical theme? One accessory that is becoming phenomenally popular is nautical ropework.

The Wonder of Decorative Ropework

While your initial thoughts on nautical accessories may gravitate towards shells, boats and fish, there’s so much variety to coastal living that it would be a shame to concentrate solely on these. And, thanks to the decorative wonder of nautical ropework, there’s no need to limit your coastal aesthetics.

Take a walk along any seafront and you’ll find ropework practically everywhere you look. Sailors, traditionally, have had to rely heavily on knots to get them through their daily activities and this is apparent in any town that has experienced the presence of sailors in the past. From mooring boats to securing objects on deck, the ropework of sailors has long been admired and the skills involved have transferred to the local inhabitants of coastal settlements. Fisherman, meanwhile, have also honed their ropework skills to also help moor their boats, but also to create strong fishing nets.

The beauty of nautical ropework comes from its rustic nature. It’s a simple, pure and honest skill that indicates strong bonds and togetherness. And there’s the added bonus that you can almost smell the sea air when presented with the intricate designs of a fisherman’s rope basket or even the simplicity of a nautical knot.

Accessorising with Decorative Ropework

There is a seemingly endless array of ropework accessories that capture the nautical vibe and are perfectly designed to suit the home. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular decorative designs that are available:

  • Traditional Knots: Those who have lived and worked in coastal environments understand the importance of securing things with strong knots. Hanging traditional rope knots on your wall, therefore, can easily help you tap into the essence of coastal living.
  • Rope Door Stop: If there’s one quality that you associate with rope then it’s strength. And with this strength comes weight which means a rope door stop is perfect for adding a touch of nautical living and helping to keep your doors open or shut. Check out our comparison tables for external door stops and internal door stops.
  • Rope Fenders: When a boat berths up against a jetty, they need something to absorb the kinetic energy and rope fenders have traditionally been used to fulfil this task. While you may not have a boat, you can still use the intricately patterned rope fenders as a decorative item.

Nautical ropework can put the final seal of quality on your interior designs and there’s such a variety of decorative options to choose from that it’s difficult to be left disappointed. Add to this, the fantastic talking point that such decorations generate and it’s difficult to argue against the merits of such fascinating aesthetics.

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