When people move home they are usually welcomed into their new abode by well-meaning friends, family and neighbours sending the typical gifts of cards, flowers, chocolates and bottles of wine.

Without wanting to seem ungrateful, the new homeowners can quickly run out of vase and table space to house any more flowers, and soon tire of over indulging on chocolates and wine! Many people would prefer to give a housewarming gift that has some practical use and could stand the test of time.

Pair of Small Buoy Rope Door Stops

Are you looking for ideas for a nautical housewarming gift?

The nautical theme is becoming increasingly popular among interior designers. For properties near the coast a nautical housewarming gift works well. It will also work well for inner-city residences where people are looking to create a sanctuary as a contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life.

Our range of rope knot door stops and accessories provide the perfect gift choice for those that live by the coast because they are made using intricate designs based on original sailor’s rope knot skills from times gone by. Designed and handcrafted to a very high standard by a specialist knot tyer who is a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers http://www.igkt.net/.

Lighthouse Tall Door Stop

This tall door stop makes a great housewarming gift and is our most popular nautical door stop. It stands 49cm tall including the loop and weighs 4kg. If people are moving into a house with bi-fold doors, or where they plan to spend a lot of time outdoors they would value a larger doorstop capable of holding an external door open in potentially breezy conditions. Its knot design is unique and cannot be bought on the high street.

Lighthouse tall handmade rope door stops

Choosing a gift like this will stand out from the many other things that the homeowners will receive and could act as a focal point for them to design a room around. Buying something unique, high quality and handmade also shows far greater thought and feeling towards them than picking up a bottle of wine on the way there.

Made from 100% rope that is sourced from Manila or recycled, our products look every bit at home inside coastal homes or used on patios and in beach huts. What’s more, they not only look beautiful but are functional too.

Handmade and hassle free

Our range of handmade, nautical rope accessories, internal door stops and external door stops make great gifts for any occasion, but are particularly good for helping people to settle into their new homes. And with our no hassle refund or exchange policy you can even give them the option of changing the item if they wish to do so.

Charcoal Grey Rope Home Decor Accessory Matthew Walker

Why not browse our full range to get some ideas for your next housewarming purchase?

If you have any questions about our products, including how they are made or which items are most popular, feel free to get in touch by emailing hello@beautifulropedecor.co.uk.

What our customers say

Our customers tell us how beautiful our nautical housewarming gifts are: “Received my Lighthouse doorstop yesterday. It is a thing of beauty! Company is super helpful.” Jessica, August 2016

More information

Our products use either recycled materials or materials from a renewable source in Manila that supports their local economy. There may be slight colour and size variations in each handmade door stop. Delivery costs vary due to the weight of our products.