How do you keep your French doors open and let in that fresh air during Covid lockdowns? A tall and strong rope door stop is a stylish way to keep your french doors open. Which door stop should you chose?

Keeping French doors open – options:

Lighthouse Door Stop

french door doorstops

Our Tall Lighthouse Door Stops are 49cm high and 18cm wide. These work well when your French doors have a step drop onto your patio or decking. They work particularly well in light winds however a strong gust could drag them over, so we suggest tying piece of cord from the door handle to the loop on the top just in case. This video explains how to stop your Lighthouse Door Stop from dragging over.

Charcoal Bell Buoy

French door doorstops

The Charcoal Grey Bell Buoy door stop with a wide weighted base was designed and created specifically for owners who have a step drop to their deck or patio. Customers with a step drop gap of up to 25cm will find this item provides the perfect solution to keeping their French doors open. Made using a contemporary matt grey / black nylon rope – perfect for matching your matt grey door frames.

Heavy Buoy Door Stop

french doors door stop

If you leave your French doors open in the wind and are concerned they might bang shut with possible expensive results, then  you may need a heavier door stop. Our Heavy Buoy Door Stop, weighs in at 6kg with a width of 25cm. The height is 20cm to the beginning of the loop handle. It has a really stable base so will be secure in a wind and is pretty stylish too. However in strong winds doors are most sensibly kept closed.

Charcoal Grey Heavy Buoy

grey door stop for french doors

The high demand for grey contemporary door stops led us to develop our popular Heavy Buoy door stop in a new matt grey / black nylon rope. Perfect for matching your grey French door frames or if you are looking for a high quality and functional door stop in a contemporary colour. It’s a conversation piece that will have your guests asking where it’s from and who made it!

In summary, any of the above will work well to keep your French doors open. All are extremely popular with our customers. All are both functional and stylish. So it’s up to you to decide whether to opt for natural rope or charcoal grey, and also consider the height required especially if you have a step drop onto your patio. If you need further advice, please don’t hesitate to email us at

We have also developed beautiful matching smaller versions for indoor use which help keep the fresh air flowing. View our full range of rope door stops.

We hope this helps provide you with some answers to your question: How to keep French doors open?

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