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Keeping bifold doors open with a heavy buoy door stop

How to keep bifold doors open

This is a good question. Looking for fresh air during Covid lockdowns?Which door stop from our range should you chose to keep your bifold doors open?

Keeping bifold doors open – considerations:

Our Tall Lighthouse Door Stops are 30cms wide. These work well when you have a one step drop. They work well in light winds however a strong gust could drag them over, so we suggest tying piece of cord from the door handle to the loop on the top just in case. This video explains how to stop your Lighthouse Door Stop from dragging over.

Nautical Tall Door Stop

In recent months there has been a huge new demand for our taller door stops . We are concerned that people might just leave their expensive bifolds open in a stronger wind and they might bang shut with possible expensive results. That’s why we’ve developed the Heavy Buoy Door Stop.

You may need a heavier door stop

Our latest product release called the Heavy Buoy Door Stop, weighs in at 6kg with a width of 25cm. The height is 20cm to the beginning of the loop handle. It has a really stable base so will be secure in a wind and is pretty stylish too. Click here to order your Heavy Buoy Door Stop .

Keeping bifold doors open with a heavy buoy door stop

We have also developed a beautiful matching little version for indoor use too which will be available on our website soon.

We hope this answers your question: How to keep bifold doors open.

For more information view our range of rope door stops, or email us at hello@beautifulropedecor.co.uk

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