New Charcoal Grey range launches to meet increase in demand

Creative experiments with new designs and materials mean a product range to satisfy customer requests and raw material supply issues. Handmade to order by British craftsmen.

These factors include:

  • Fresh air circulation for family gatherings and Covid rules meetings.
  • Stylish tall, strong door stops that give confidence to leave expensive triple glazed patio doors open.
  • Natural rope in these Covid times becomes more difficult to source. We’ve been exploring and sourcing alternative materials that look contemporary and work well with modern interior design colour schemes.

These issues are addressed and we are excited to launch further additions to the Beautiful Rope Décor range that include:

  • 5 new products with 3 new unique rope designs
  • The use of a new matt grey/black nylon rope

Our new products:

1. Charcoal Grey Bell Buoy

Our new flagship product. We are especially proud of a specifically built for bifold door owners who have a step drop to their deck or patio. A wide low weighted base (7kg) this door stop gives customers confidence to leave their expensive bifolds open and prevent them banging shut. For more info, visit

Price £135

2. Charcoal Grey Decorative Lighthouse

The best seller natural rope Lighthouse door stop now has a charcoal grey version. The matt grey/black rope provides that modern makeover design. It is a perfect addition for grey interior design decor. It’s fresh new look is a conversation piece: your guests will be asking who made it and how was this unique item made? At 2kg, it is decorative without the heavy outdoor functionality of its original natural rope version. For more info, visit

Price £98

3. Charcoal Grey Matthew Walker

An intriguing rope knot shape with a wide base and tall height is a delight to make and has a fascinating back story. Amongst the many legends about Matthew Walker one version is about a sailor sentenced to death by a judge: Matthew Walker could ‘walk’ free if the sailor could produce a knot that the judge could neither tie nor untie. Underneath Matthew is a Star knot. Nobody knows who invented the Star but they make a decorative statement that brings the natural coastal world indoors. For more information visit:

Price £56

4. Charcoal Grey Heavy Buoy

The Charcoal Grey Heavy Buoy is one of our heaviest door stop (6kg) and with it’s wider design, it is perfect to hold open bifold doors. Matt grey / black nylon rope around a solid weighted core gives you the confidence to leave your expensive double or triple glass doors wide open and is loved by those who have matching matt grey patio door frames. For more information visit:

Price £125

5. Charcoal Grey Internal Heavy Buoy

The Charcoal Grey Indoor Heavy Buoy door stop is a stylish way to keep internal doors open. It is a smaller version of our larger Charcoal Grey Heavy Buoy door stop. High quality and unique interior black / grey door stop. Weighing in at just over 2kg, 15cm wide and total height with loop 25cm. A delight to look at using matt grey / black nylon rope. For more information visit

Price £49

For more information on our products visit or email us at

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