Over the past few years, people have become much more confident in expressing their likes and interests in their choice of interior design, selecting bold themes and styles. Nautical themes in particular have grown in popularity in many areas, even far away from the coast.

Nautical themed rooms can bring back pleasant childhood memories, and provide a haven of relaxation, away from the stresses of everyday life. It also makes an excellent choice for a design for a child’s bedroom with many different playful options that can be incorporated.

Nautical Theme Elements

Some of the key things that will contribute to your nautical themed design include:

  • Wall paper / Colour – The wallpaper or colouring is the base layer that all of the other components will tie in with. Colours tend to be primarily white and navy blue and often feature stripes. The colour scheme might also include flashed of another colour like red or yellow. Some people will choice to have murals painted directly on to the wall, such as an anchor or compass.
  • Furniture – The furniture in a nautical themed room will typically either fit with the broader colour scheme or otherwise feature natural wood. Depending on the tone of the room that you are going for you might opt for a dark wood varnish, or if you wanted to keep the room brighter, you could instead opt for a distressed looking, white stain.
  • Artwork – Paintings, prints or photos are a great way to continue the theme and really bring it to life. Vibrant beach scenes, or sailing photography can help to fire up the imagination and help you believe that you’re actually on a boat or beside the sea!
  • Nautical accessories – Nautical themed interior design relies on relevant accessories to complete the space and add a touch of authenticity. Things such as ore’s or ships steering wheels make excellent accessories and can easily be fitted to walls. Other things like rope door stops also significantly improve the feel of the room. It is often these small finishing touches that have the greatest impact, and help to make the room feel complete.

This nautical theme needn’t just be for interior designs, you can also liven up outdoor spaces, with nautical themed garden accessories, like our beautiful rope door stops.

The Beautiful Rope Decor Way

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For ideas relating to nautical themed interior design, or for more information on any of our range of beautiful handmade rope accessories and door stops, don’t hesitate to get in touch.