Here’s a list of people in UK that may be interested in buying our heavy duty door stops to keep their patio doors open :

  1. Homeowners with a step down to their patio: Homeowners who have doors that step down to their patio and want to keep them open during nice weather buy our tall heavy door stops to prevent the doors from closing.
  2. Gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts: People who spend a lot of time in their gardens or outdoor areas use our heavy dtuty door stops useful for keeping patio doors open while they work or relax.
  3. Pet owners: With more and more people with pets particularly dogs, our heavy duty door stops are useful for keeping patio doors open while their pets go in and out of the house.
  4. Businesses with outdoor spaces: Restaurants, cafes, and other businesses with outdoor spaces purchase our heavy duty door stops to keep their patio doors open and create a welcoming atmosphere for customers.
  5. Event planners: Event planners find our heavy duty door stops useful for holding doors open at events such as weddings, parties, and other gatherings.
  6. Interior designers: We supply to London interior designers and high end interior designers throughout the UK that are interested in heavy duty door stops as a way to add a decorative element to a room while also serving a functional purpose.

Our latest product the Rope Tower, is an excellent example of our handmade heavy duty door stops. Take a look at our range for other examples.

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