Beach Hut DecorAre you looking for handmade rope beach hut decor like this nautical knot ring fender? Every piece of rope decor we sell has been beautifully handmade by a British craftsman known as The Ropeman.

The Ropeman has been supplying luxury beach hut decor to homeowners, interior designers and coastal guest houses for many years. The quality of his work will satisfy anyone with a love of coastal living and all things beach hut related.

Authentic Beach Hut Decor

Our beach hut decorations include intricately designed rope door stops and rope decorations. All designs are replicated from those made by sailors in times gone by. Sailors, from Britain’s historic Navy, would have made these beach hut style decor for their loved ones whilst away for long periods at sea. Read our history of beautiful rope knots.

Add a perfect beach hut touch and style to a room by choosing any piece from our range. Buy rope decor online for UK delivery only. We’d like to ship internationally but costs are prohibitive.