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Pair of tall door stops – in fact, at 49cm high these are the tallest door stops we sell. Ideal for interiors and outside to hold open a patio door. Loved by those that live by the coast. Used for outdoor balcony doors, patio doors and bi-fold doors or to add a nautical touch to any room. They are made with 100% rope – using an intricate sailor’s knot which makes it strong and heavy. Perfect for those that want a functional patio door stops but are looking for a stylish conversation piece too. They also make great nautical house warming gifts.

Select either Manilla Rope or Sisal Rope from the drop down menu below (discover the difference between Manilla and Sisal rope):


These tall door stops are handcrafted to a very high standard. They are known as the ‘Lighthouse’ and are our best selling product. Made from 100% rope with a unique and visually appealing design. They will hold open your doors in your home or outside. The tall height and weight makes this door stop useful for holding open exterior doors on your patio or balcony that have a step.

Designed by a British craftsman called The Ropeman. The Ropeman’s designs use traditional nautical knot tying from times gone by. The same ropework skills were taught to sailors in Britain’s historic Navy. You can watch a short video of this tall door stop being demonstrated by The Ropeman by clicking here.

This tall door stop has a nautical authenticity so makes a great house warming gift for those that live by the sea. View how this tall door stop works well as an outside / outdoor doorstop in our customer gallery.

Please note that in strong windy conditions and when the door is higher than the ground, then the leverage may cause it to fall over. However some of our customers have found a solution by tying a cord from the door handle to the loop of the lighthouse to hold it upright and in place – this is explained in a video by The Ropeman.

Further details

Materials: These products are made from 100% rope and use Manila rope or the lighter coloured Sisal rope (what’s the difference between Manilla and Sisal?). There may be slight colour and size variations in each handmade door stop.

Dimensions: 49cms tall including the loop handle, and 18cm wide. Weight 4 kg.

Delivery: Royal Mail for the pair is £16.80. Delivery to UK only. We’d like to deliver overseas but freight charges are prohibitive.

Usage: In windy conditions, doors are most sensibly kept closed. Made with long lasting durable rope but to last longer and maintain its natural colour we suggest you bring indoors over winter and in wet weather.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 18 × 49 cm

Manilla Rope, Sisal Rope

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