2016 coastal design trends

If you are a lover of coastal design trends like we are, then like us you’ll be keeping your eye on the latest ideas. To understand what to look out for in 2016 we asked some experts that know all about coastal design trends. Each expert is an experienced coastal interior designer. They have created stunning interiors in properties by the UK coast.

This is the fourth in our series of nautical decor articles which bring you hints and tips from coastal interior designers.

3 great coastal design trends for 2016

1. As technology advances at an ever increasing rate, so does our love for all things artisanal and handmade. Hand-loomed, hand-crafted product. Natural fibers, and organic shapes. Hand-crafted pottery or handwoven textiles. We’ll see more accessories that are made by hand. I think the design world is all about supporting local artisans and you’ll start to see more and more product designed by hand and incorporated into interiors. So don’t be afraid to mix vintage and artisanal items with mass produced goods. This will provide a softer more appealing interior. Louise Couldry of Holmwood Interiors Whitby, North Yorkshire.

2. Blues of every hue are going to be a key part of any coastal decor scheme this year. Deep blues from navy, to indigo or denim will be seen on walls with pigment rich paints, ombre fabrics for curtains or cushions or Ikat rugs for the floor. Whether painted on the wall or used with the occasional decorative accent blues are going to be extremely popular and will provide a striking background to brass and copper accessories. For a more muted look, drift wood colours in soft greys and browns will also be favorited for walls, floors and accessories. Wallpapers with beautiful repeating patterns of boats will add style to any coastal interior. Round mirrors, reminiscent of portholes, whether upholstered in leather, or in wood with brass stud detailing will give a reflection of style, together with tall chrome lanterns which will add a shining contrast to more natural materials. Finally rope will be bound around vases and table lamps and used for practical but attractive accessories for the home. Sonia Mundey of Yellow Book Interiors Ltd , Dorset.

3. Avoid trends. A coastal feel is timeless. A good design should be as stylish in 2016 as it is in 2030. Holly Keeling Stylist & Interior Designer, Devon.

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