How to choose coastal colours

Decorating a room by the sea

When used correctly, the coastal colours of the sand, sea and sky can create a wonderful feel to a room by the sea. But which coastal colours should you choose and how should you use them? These decisions need careful consideration so we asked some experts who would know. Each of these experts has produced some truly inspiring interiors for coastal properties using their own take on coastal colours. Here they share their thoughts on what makes a good coastal palette. This is the third in our series of nautical decor articles which bring you hints and tips from coastal interior designers.

3 top tips on choosing coastal colours:

1. There are always the obvious coastal colours -blue & white – but I think it’s nice to be less obvious if possible and throw in some greens and lots of different shades of one or two colours. Holly Pagani, Interior Designer at Salt Interiors, Norfolk

2. I use Farrow and Ball charts. Sea greens, blues and classic colours are ideal for a coastal feel. Holly Keeling Stylist & Interior Designer, Devon.

3. The muted blue colours of the sea inspire my coastal designs. Use muted colours in soft tones to blend with the outside then incorporate natural colours like metal, wood, wicker and rope help to create a nautical feel. Holly Keeling Stylist & Interior Designer, Devon.

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