What is the difference between Manilla rope and Sisal rope?

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We are currently out of stock of the Lighthouse Tall Door Stop using Manilla rope. This is due to supply issues caused by the pandemic. Stock of the Lighthouse Tall Door Stop in Sisal rope is still available.

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Lighthouse tall handmade rope door stops

Manilla rope fibre is made from the stems of the abaca plant (which is the banana tree) which grows in the Philippines. The capital of the Philippines is Manilla, and hence the rope’s name. The stems of the abaca plant have long fibres that make them very well-suited for making rope. It is darker in colour than Sisal rope.


Pair of Sisal tall lighthouse door stops

Sisal rope is from a cactus plant that grows in very dry areas and whose fibres are shorter. Sisal rope has much the same appearance as manilla rope, but it is lighter in colour. Sisal grows in Mexico. It is a succulent perennial shrub growing up to 2 metres high.


Our rope door stops are made with long lasting durable rope but to last longer and maintain their natural colour we suggest you bring indoors in wet weather and over winter.