Nautical handmade gifts

Nautical GiftsOur handmade gifts are made using authentic nautical rope knots. They will please anyone with a passion for coastal living. Purchased by those searching for high quality gifts that reflect a nautical lifestyle. Ideal as housewarming gifts for those that live by the sea. Choose from our range of handmade gifts including our most popular Lighthouse tall door stop.

Each gift from our collection has been lovingly handmade by a British craftsman known as The Ropeman. His designs use the same incredibly complicated rope skills used by sailors from Britain’s historic Navy. Sailors on Nelson’s ships would have created the same beautiful nautical gifts using rope knots for their loved ones whilst away at sea for long periods. Therefore we can guarantee that your nautical gift will add an authentic nautical finishing touch to any home.

Quality guaranteed. Refund or exchange without question.