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Bi Fold Door Stops


Stylish and Functional Bi Fold Door Stops

Bi-fold door stops that are stylish as well as functional

So you’ve invested in a gorgeous set of bi-fold doors but now you want a stylish alternative to a magnet or cabin hook to stop that end bi-fold door banging in the wind and keep your external door open to enjoy your new outside space.

double bi-fold door stopsOur beautifully handmade door stops work well with bi-folding doors because they are strong, tall and sturdy. But better still they are far more visually appealing than chunky magnets or old fashioned hooks. Our door stops are made using 100% knotted rope using designs based on traditional sailor’s ropework skills. They will add a rustic, country or coastal charm to your outside space and are weather proof. Alternatively use the handy loop to bring the door stop inside to add a nautical feel to any room and to continue to enjoy its visually appeal during the winter months.

So if you want a functional and high quality door stop to prevent your bi-fold door from banging in the wind, then choose from our expertly made rope knot door stop range.

Which door stop is right for your bi-fold door?

Heavy Buoy Door Stop

heavy rope door stopThe Heavy Buoy is our heaviest door stop . At 6kg, it is perfect to hold open your bi fold door or patio doors and is the product we would recommend. It is an outdoor living essential and will keep doors open in stronger wind. Half-hitched manilla around a solid weighted core gives you the confidence to leave your expensive double or triple glass doors wide open.

View the Heavy Buoy Rope Door Stop in our shop.

bi fold door stopLighthouse Tall Door Stop

Due to its height, the Lighthouse tall door stop works well for bi-fold doors that are positioned where there is a step down on to the patio. Standing 49cm tall including the loop handle – it’s our tallest and most popular door stop and the knot produces a good weight at 4kg. However it’s OK in light winds, but a strong gust could drag them over, so we suggest tying piece of cord from the door handle to the loop on the top just in case. View our video to demonstrate how to use your Lighthouse door stop in windy condition.

View more Lighthouse tall door stop images and details.

bi fold door stopsSmall Buoy Rope Door Stop

Our Small Buoy rope door stop is strong and sturdy. It will hold open bi-fold doors and looks fab too. This ‘Small Buoy’ is not so small as it stands 30cm high including the loop handle. It’s 18cm wide and weighs 1.5kg.

View more Small Buoy door stop images and details.

What do our customers say?

Our customers tell us they prefer our door stops to the alternative functional magnetic catches: “Works a treat and much better than a chunky magnet to hold the doors back.” Rhiannon, October 2016

Further information

Our product use either recycled materials or materials from a renewable source in Manila that supports their local economy. There may be slight colour and size variations in each handmade door stop. Delivery cost £6.95. If your delivery address is outside the UK, please enquire about shipping charges before placing your order.


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